Hook and Loop Fasteners-VC 30/215-L

zł 55.25

(zł 2.21 / mb)

Sew on Hook and Loop Tape The Loop

Width 30 mm,colour 215-beige, Length 25 mb
Caution! Presented colours in pictures may slightly differ from true colours.

Hook and Loop Fasteners

The Loop 001

Basic fabric -polyamide

Basic structure-woven

Width: 30 mm-Nominal 1 mm
Overall thickness-2.35 0.25 mm

Mass -300 g/ m 2 10%

colour 215-beige ,colours: 25 colours based on chart colours

Profile usage

Braking off force with The Hook 088 *-Average 2,0 N/cm, Minimum 1,3 N/cm

Cutting force with The Hook 088 *-Average 10,3 N/cm, Minimum 7,3 N/cm

The amount of cycles joints and parting *-wastage 50% after 10 000 cycles

Packaging: rolls 25m (separated hook and loop)

*International standard VESA
High availability

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