Hook and Loop Fasteners-VC PS14 25/330-L


(PLN3.34 / mb)

Hook and Loop Fasteners with glue PS14 The Loop
Width 25 mm, colour 330 - Black, Length 25 m
Caution! Presented colours in pictures may slightly differ from true colours.

Hook and Loop Fasteners Standard with glue PS14
The Loop 001
Basic fabric -polyamide
Basic structure-woven
Width: 25 mm-Nominal 1 mm
Overall thickness-2.35 0.25 mm
Mass -300 g/ m 2 10%
colour 330 black ,colours: 25 colours based on chart colours
Caution! Presented coloursin pictures may slightly differ from true colours.
Profile usage
Braking off force with The Hook 088 *-Average 2,0 N/cm, Minimum 1,3 N/cm
Cutting force with The Hook 088 *-Average 10,3 N/cm, Minimum 7,3 N/cm
The amount of cycles joints and parting *-wastage 50% after 10 000 cycles
Packaging: rolls 25m (separated hook and loop)
*International standard VESA
Basic fabric -resin rubber
Braking off force after 24 h - average 17 N/cm
Temperature range from -15°C to +90°C
Standard appliance to most of surfaces (except some of plastics and PCV)
General use tips:
1.Recommended applied temperature: +20°C do +30°C
2.Alcohol or grain alcohol digrease (the surface must be clean,degreased and dry before applying the glue)
3.Remove protective paper with Hook and Loop Fastenersu and stick it to the place pressing hard
4.Hook and Loop Fasteners sticks to the maximum strength after 24 hrs.
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