tape-HC Magnetic Standard 12,7mm

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Magnetic Fabric with Glue, K150 MICRON(F2015/100
Width 12,7 mm, Length 30 m
Caution! Presented colours in pictures may slightly differ from true colours.

Magnetic-elastic Tape

Technical specifications:
-thickness 1,5mm+0,1 mm
-Width 12,7 mm+0,8mm
-Length 30 m
-na taśmie two-sided klejącej  K150 MICRON(F2015/100)
Magnetic features
-max.energy 0,630,67 MGOe
-magnetic induction17001900 G
-coercivity 12701400 Oe
-inner coercivity 20002200 Oe
Magnetic field:
-1,5mm pole width 3,125
-magnetic field g/cm
Physical features:
-tape elasticity - the tape can be wrap up around the 12 mm radius stick in 20 c
-specific weight 3,6-3,7 g/cm
-hardness SHD 41
-stretching strength PSI700-1200
-temperature resistance - applicable temperature characteristics: -25c-+55c
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